Singer 185J Portable


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Pfaff 130, 130-6 @ (56)


“You have to realize the fact, that no one is making these machines anymore. They are history now. Many antique hunters are looking for them all the time and some sewing machines could reach the top price.”

Singer 306K Hand Crank (2)


“These all metal sewing machines are adjusted and balanced to the perfection. Ready to sew like a charm. Doesn’t matter how old these machines are, they still look great and can outrun, outwork, out… you name it!”

Singer 185J Portable (3)


“You can sew leather, awnings, tarps, boat covers and sails, bike seats and jackets, canvas, sacking, umbrellas, camping equipment, auto upholstery, even some type of fur, silk, fine fabrics and much, much more! “



“Some sewing machines are able to sew with twin needles and some aren’t. Some machines came out with treadle wheel or wheel you can spin with the hand crank, but many machines don’t have this option. We can customize and readjust your machine.”



Necchi Nora @ (4)



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Singer 306 & 319 hand crank